Tuesday, February 24, 2009

can you see the mapping before?

Always Play Safe, Dance with equity..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Next Journey..

Always Play Safe

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kasus Gainscope

indonesianconservativetrader: boss.. mau tanya dikit apa bener FXPro bermasalah
indonesianconservativetrader: saya dengar dari IB sebelah
Rendra Safaat: nggak pak
Rendra Safaat: http://www.gainscope.com/fxpro.php
indonesianconservativetrader: ok terima kasih pak
indonesianconservativetrader: cara pindah IB gmana?
Rendra Safaat: gainscope kena warning kantor pusat, pindah broker kok jelek2an fxpro
indonesianconservativetrader: cara pindah IB gmana pak"
Rendra Safaat: langsung aja daftar di www.ijenfx.com
indonesianconservativetrader: ok sama2 pak
indonesianconservativetrader: terima kasih informasinya
Rendra Safaat: saya mau keluar sebentar mas, nanti saya bantu registrasinya untuk pindah IB
Rendra Safaat: jemput se kecil
indonesianconservativetrader: iya pak, makasih ya...
Rendra Safaat: saya yakin FXPRO masih solid mas
indonesianconservativetrader: Saya sempat deg2an liat tuh pemberitahuan gain pak, jadi rencana pindah IB saja, btw terima kasih lagi pak
Rendra Safaat: ok pak
Rendra Safaat: terima kasih atas kepercayaannya

Last Scenario This Week

Play Safe With Your Equity

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ok then just chek out this 1

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Next Scenario

Below Red Line Reached. There's two scenarion in this area. Buy and Put SL below that Red Line, or Put Sell Stop Below that Red Line..

Happy Hunting and Play Safe

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last Jump

If price break the top Channel (the red thin line), this is will be the last jump and confirm Bullish For a Long term.. When failed, must be there's bounce to middle are of Bullish movement around blue line..

Play safe
nb: Please take a look at 2 posts before this post

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